Official trailer for the new Mass Effect game released

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It’s a tasting trailer.

Disappointing a large part of its audience with Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare wants to win the hearts of its fans with the new Mass Effect game. For a while the game has been developed if known We wanted to see something concrete as actors. The official trailer for the new Mass Effect game was released at The Game Awards Show 2020, and this request came true. If you wish, first watch a trailer and then let’s share what we know about the game with you.


Official trailer for the new Mass Effect game released

A large part of the trailer shows the classic Mass Effect atmosphere with space images. ButThe trailer may contain more clues than you might notice at first. For example, the Reaper ruins scattered in outer space, the N7 symbol visible in the snow, and the Asari, which we can clearly see up close, show that we are at least in the same universe as Shepard, even if it does not tell about her adventure. However, the characters that appear vaguely in the distance are also very similar to our Salarian and Turian race friends.

Of course, everything we’re saying now is just guesswork. We have to wait for the team to share more information for story details. Unfortunately, the developer team has not provided any information about the game or release date as they are still in the early stages of the game. However, we know that the game will be a new generation game. Sure, BioWare is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts company. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that BioWare will bring the new Mass Effect game to any platform where they can make a profit.

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