Super Meat Boy Forever release date has finally been announced

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Days left for Super Meat Boy Forever.

Our favorite meat chopping game returns this month. Developer team Team Meat finally announced the release date for their new game Super Meat Boy Forever. The previously postponed Super Meat Boy Forever finally comes up with the release date information. The trailer of the new game, in which we will die and be nervous, go rock by rock and cut around, has also been released. Let’s take a look at it if you want.


The Super Meat Boy Forever release date is announced as December 23, 2020

Here we leave the judgment part to you by the producer team. Because it is debatable how much innovation can be brought to the Super Meat Boy series, which already has a good gameplay. The production team must also be aware of this. Several important mechanics without breaking the basic structure of the game they added. Now our character or flesh can make more various movements. But one of the important innovations is that our little flesh can now attack and destroy knives!

There is another important innovation. Consequently, this was a somewhat controversial decision. The game is now an auto-runner. Yes, if you don’t understand anything about the auto runner, let’s explain. Our character will run non-stop in the new game. You will need to keep up with the character and your running while planning your moves. A comment came from the Team Meat team regarding this change.

“The character will move at the same pace as before,” says Tommy Refenes. Physics and controls were already ready from the previous game. All I had to do was make a few changes in each episode so that you didn’t fall or die. ” said. Super Meat Boy Forever on December 23, 2020 Epic Games will make its exit through. Turkey prices by 33 From the moment the slightest drop at a discount price £ 29.70 pre-order the game.


Super Meat Boy Forever
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