An unreleased Simpsons game appeared

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The Simpsons Bug Squad! Also has a strange concept.

The Simpsons Bug Squad! Technology demo of a game named. This our news The Simpsons Bug Squad! The production named is not a game that made its debut. This is the unreleased The Simpsons Bug Squad! There are also gameplay footage for. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video below and then go into the details.


The unreleased Simpsons game is called The Simpsons Bug Squad!

The Simpsons Bug Squad, whose video we shared above! is named Dreamcast console found in the developer kit. This production, which is being developed by Red Lemons Studios, seems to have long been forgotten. It’s actually a nice concept to dare to play a Simpsons game that we can play as an insect. We are not curious about his story. Anyway, the scenes we saw in the video were not bad at all. Wouldn’t it be at least a snack game, if it came out?

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