Free Brigador Up-Armored Deluxe distributed on GOG

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Free games today feature Brigador Up-Armored Deluxe.

These days, we continue to get enough of free games. As you know, the Ubisoft team has distributed a lot of games for a week recently. Epic Games was already giving at least 1 new game every week. Currently, another game is distributed every day at Epic Games. Well, game Is the only platform that distributes it on places like Epic Games, Ubisoft, Steam? Of course not. The GOG team, who is the guest of this news, distributes Brigador Up-Armored Deluxe to us free of charge. Just below, you can find the trailer for the Brigador Up-Armored Deluxe.


What to do for the free Brigador Up-Armored Deluxe?

First of all, you need to have a GOG account. If this is there, go to the next step. can pass and we can get Brigador Up-Armored Deluxe. Now, here Click to enter the web page you can access. Go down a little bit after you press the go to giveaway button. Click the button that says Yes, and claim the game and add the game to your account. The rest is up to you. Now the game is yours.

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