Now alerts you when you want to play PS4 games on PS5

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An application that puts an end to confusion.

PlayStation 5 looks like it’s now us it warns when we play the PlayStation 4 version of the games. This detail, noticed by the owner of the Twitter post we share just below, is pleasing on the one hand. If you have opened the PS4 version of any game while playing PS5 and there is also a PS5 version, the console warns you about this. You too are playing the PlayStation 4 version or the PlayStation 5 version according to your wish.


PS5 warns when you open a PS4 game, if there is a PlayStation 5 version of the game

Previously, many people mistakenly thought of certain things like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War on PS5. your productions It was mentioned that he might have played PlayStation 4 versions. Thanks to this new warning system, you can switch to the version you want to play. This saves players from confusion.

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