Adventure Time set for Immortals Fenyx Rising arrives

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An Adventure Time themed set has arrived for Immortals Fenyx Rising, which recently met with us players. This set is currently in the game. If you haven’t met Immortals Fenyx Rising yet, you can click here. Orient we want. Because, in our Immortals Fenyx Rising review, we explained as much as possible what the game has to offer us. We especially need to underline that we liked it very much.


Immortals Fenyx Rising Adventure Time set:

  • The Adventure Time Armor: Sacred armor of the man they call Finn. The person who wears this will kill everything bad, at least that’s the deal.
  • The Adventure Time Helmet: More of a hat than a helmet but undeniably awesome! And the head on which he was sitting never disappointed. This is what they call armor.
  • The Adventure Time Wings: The fun will never end when you wear these wings! Distant lands will become far less distant as you move forward.
  • The Adventure Time Horse: When you see this horse, “Ooo.” you will say. Let this beauty remind you that life can be scary and dark but together you can gallop into the light as best friends!
  • The Adventure Time Companion: There is something almost predatory in the loyalty and coldness of Phosphor. He’s very hungry too, so make sure you have bacon pancakes on hand!

What the Ubisoft team did for items descriptions that way too. Frankly, we wanted to enter the game and try this set as soon as possible …

Immortals Fenyx Rising
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