Ubisoft distributes Trials Rising standard version completely free

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Today in opportunities that should not be missed.

As you know, the end a few The Ubisoft team has also started distributing games and content. If you’ve missed previous Ubisoft games and content, get well soon. Unfortunately, that campaign is only valid for that day. Today, the Ubisoft team distributes the standard version of their production called Trials Rising free of charge to all players. If you are not familiar with Trials Rising, we played and reviewed the game for you when it came out. Trials Rising examination You may want to take a look at our article.


Ubisoft distributes Trials Rising games for free

If you want to take advantage of this campaign, what you need to do is very simple. First of all, open an account. If you have an account, now here You need to proceed to the internet page you can access by clicking. Here, you need to click the button on the page and add it to your library. If all steps are complete, you can download and start playing.

Trials Rising
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